How safe is the products used by Woods Design?

At Woods Design, we are serious about the safety of your family. Our products are built using top pick kiln dried BC softwood that has either been planned or sanded to remove chips and major imperfections. Unless requested, we don’t use any wood that has been treated chemically or subject to a harmful process that could adversely affect our customers health.  We finish our products using wood glue, stain, oil, paint and polyurethane and you should avoid ingesting any of these finishing products (and the wood frankly) as they are poisonous in significant doses. In fact some of the woods we use can cause you to be ill if you breath in the saw dust like some variations of Mahogany. You should also avoid burning our furniture and breathing in the smoke fumes.  All our products are made from various grades and types of kiln dried wood and are not flame retardant, nor do we spray flame retardant on them.  Do not place the furniture near an open flame, sparks or cook on them as they could ignite when exposed to flame. Even though we take every precaution when sanding and smoothing the wood, splinters may form and corners may cause harm to small children.  Please take appropriate measures to protect your little ones.  Woods Design is not responsible for any harm that may come to you or you family from our products or services.  Please contact us if you experience any adverse affects or have any questions.

We do have some finishing products that are food grade and pose minimal health hazards to children.  Please contact us for more information on these options.

How to contact us

Paul Woods – Owner Woodworker
Shawna Woods – Owner Woodworker & Artist

    What are we doing here?

    Primarily we are taking orders for custom furniture or other wood working projects. If you can dream of it, we want to build it! We can also do custom art either on Canvas on on your furniture order. If you have an idea please ask us about it!

    What is our Production Time?

    We are doing this as a fun way to practice our hobbies and are building during our down time. Please expect 2-3 weeks for woodworking projects and 1-2 weeks for delivery of our Canvas Prints. Contact us if you require a rush order and we can make arrangements.

    Does Woods Design build Custom Orders?

    We are happy to take your request for custom orders based on our current portfolio or projects you have shared with us from Pinterest or the web. Send us what you are interested in creating and we’ll see if we can develop a plan for it.

    What are our Delivery Options?

    Our Delivery options have changed because we are no longer in Aldergrove.  Woods Design is now located in BC’s Okanagan region in the city of Lumby which is only a 20 minute drive east of Vernon. We can deliver furniture to anywhere in the Okanagan region but please contact us for details about our delivery and pickup options. Deliveries to other parts of BC and Washington State may be available as well with prior special arrangements. We currently do not ship furniture but we are happy to make special arrangements with you and UPS prior to your order. Please contact us for more details.

    Retail and reselling agreements

    We welcome retailers to contact us about carrying our items. We can also provide small businesses with furniture for trade shows and other events. Contact us for arrangements.

    What about taxes?

    Woods Design charges residents of BC PST on all products purchased. We don’t collect taxes for International sales.


    Please keep in mind we are selling real wood pieces that could potentially crack, shrink or bow in certain areas. Not always common but definitely a possibility. We take every precaution when working with wood: buying kiln dried and reading the wood properly before assembling. Remember, wood is an organic product with a mind of it’s own. We believe any of these features (cracks, knots, bowing, gaps) just add to the beauty & uniqueness in each piece. We will not offer refunds or exchanges if any of these instances are to occur. We have a home FULL of our own rustic furniture and we embrace every piece. We hope you can too!


    All deposits are non refundable unless we haven’t begun your build in which case you can request a deposit refund minus the cost of material plus a 10% service fee.  If we have started your build, then the deposit is 100% non refundable, regardless of the state of completion of your requested product.  The customer agrees that Woods Designs is not liable for any damages that may occur from this cancellation policy. Exchanges are available plus the cost of additional materials and a 10% service fee.  Refunds are not available.

    About our products and services

    All our products are built using top pick kiln dried BC softwood that has been planned and lightly sanded to remove chips and major imperfections. As with any soft wood, your new table can chip if roughly handled and some minor warping may occur when changing humidity. For example; Bringing the table into your home after leaving it outdoors in the weather. We use pocket screws and food grade wood glue to secure our products. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our build practices.Delivery available for Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley residence only. Contact us for additional shipping options if you are not in this area.

    All our products are available in custom sizes and stains of your choice which you can view here. Please contact us with any special requests.