We love to build your ideas

One of our favorite things to do is to build your vision for your home with a custom order. We would love to partner with you in designing and creating custom furniture pieces.  You can bring us sketches, pictures from sites like Pinterest and Instagram or really anything that you want to try to make. We’ve made custom side boards with drawers and doors, Entertainment units for hanging on walls, Quilt racks made of hardwood and held in place without any hardware and many other unique items. Learning and honing our woodworking skills is a key part of what we love to do so don’t be afraid to ask us.

An example of a custom order

TV console and Record Stand
Custom made TV console with matching Record stand
Sketch of a custom order TV stand
Sketch submitted from a customer for building a Record Stand

One custom order that stands out as one of my favorites was a record player stand we made for a customer with a vision of a way to display his records from storage. It was one of the first times we did solid sides and after ripping a line in the shelves, we were able to create a groove for the dividers that hold the records in place.  We build all of this from a simple drawing her emailed us with his vision of what the stand would look like. It really helped that he had the sketches already for the design but we’ve made prototypes from nothing but a conversation before.

Building custom orders is one of our favorite things to do as it provides us with creative problems to solve and provides you with what you need for your home.  We base our pricing off of our current lineup of products so you’ll find a our quotes to be very reasonable.

A few of our other custom orders

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