Midway through production of the dining chairs and trestle table

Finishing the table top and extensions
Finishing the table top with 240 grit sandpaper

Tonight we are working on a project for 6 dining chairs and a Trestle table with an unique X style leg which we will get more about tomorrow.

Dining chairs begin assembly…

The dining chairs are midway through production.  We had already templated the legs from another chair we had and prototyped two different chairs.  I then transferred the template to a set of 2×4’s that I tracked together with wood glue.  After cutting their rough shape on the bandsaw and then using the belt sander for the details I separated the legs from each other and had identical pairs.  Meanwhile Shawna cut and ripped all the smaller pieces which you can see in the background which make up the frame and backs.  We still need to plane and glue the seats and shape the curved backs but the chairs are making good progress.

Jacobean stained table top shows wood grain
The smoothed finish on the table top highlights the wood grain better

Meanwhile on the table…

Shawna also completed one of the larger parts of the project which is the table top.  Our typical process for these is to rip them on the table saw so that we can hand plane and fit then together for a seamless look.  Then we glue and add the bread boards to give it a rustic feel.  This table is 7 feet long and has a Jacobean stain and we are also in the process of developing a extension for the ends.

After sanding the table top with 240 grit sand paper, it is smooth to the touch and takes the stain in a way that makes the wood grain appear to be a lighter shade of Jacobean.  This also prevents crumbs and other things from getting into the grooves where it’s very hard to clean and a teetering effect when using dishes that are bigger than the boards.  It still needs a couple of coats of polyurethane which makes cleaning a breeze with a mild detergent and water.

More to come tomorrow…