Progress on the Trestle Table and Chairs interrupted by Newlywed’s Coffee Table

Farm Style Coffee Table Top
Saning and finishing the Trestle legs and the Maple Seats
Shawna sanding the laminated Maple Seats and Paul building the feet and shoulder of the X style Trestle Table Legs

Sometimes we get a special opportunity to do something for somebody that also brings us joy and reminds us of why we build these projects for people.  That happened recently when we were in the middle of our Trestle Table and Chairs build.  We had met this soon to be married couple a few weeks ago and they wanted to furnish their new house in Chilliwack with some of our furniture.  A lot of people love our Farm Style Coffee Table and End Tables and they were no exception.  Even though we were solidly booked up for end of November and December, we made the time to fit their order in for when they got back from their Honeymoon.

The Coffee Table is fun to build…

Gluing the boards for the coffee table.
Building our coffee tables means fitting the boards and gluing them. Sadly the chairs are feeling lonely in the corner of the shop.

We built our first Farm Style Coffee Table way back in the February when we began our business and it’s been one of our top sellers.  The End Table is a variation of the coffee table in that instead of being 4 feet long, it’s only 2 feet, thus creating the square table top with rectangle base that fits so well at the end of a couch or a corner. One of my favorite features is the solid X on the table legs.  A lot of wood workers use one solid piece of wood and place two smaller cut pieces on either side of it and join it using glue or screws.  Instead we use two solid pieces of wood and cut out joints in the middle of the legs and fit them together like puzzle pieces.  This creates a stronger leg and a cleaner look.  I also use this same technique on the X Style Trestle table that we are currently building.

Farm Style Coffee Table and End Tables
This Farm Style Coffee Table and End Tables were finished in the provincial stain which has a neat effect of highlighting the wood grain.

Delivering on a promise…

The Coffee Table and End Table was built and then stained with provincial and finished in a record breaking 3 days (9 hours). I love how the provincial stain has a knack of highlighting the character of the wood in a way that naturally looks a bit distressed.  It’s in our top 3 most popular stain colors.  We had originally planned on letting the Newlyweds pick it up on their way home from the airport but instead took some extra time for the finish to set and delivered it free of charge the next day.

Now back to finishing the Trestle Table and Chairs before Christmas comes…